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Erotic museum


Oudezijdsachterburgwal 54, Amsterdam

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Welcome to the Erotic Museum

Erotic museum

Being one of the oldest and historically richest cities in the world, Amsterdam also has some erotic history to offer you.

Be welcomed by a typical Dutch girl on a very special bicycle and be transported from pleasure objects to paintings, prints and hilarious cartoons. Improve your history and art knowledge on a fun theme, take a peek on the floor dedicated to Sado Masochism only and check out La Galerie Provocatrice or Sexy Art Gallery that has been recently added.

The Sexy Art Gallery is a unique concept that links artists, new media, press and people from all over the world that have an interest in common: erotica and its artistic expression. The art collection can also be accessed online: Sexy Art Gallery

Pay a visit to the erotic museum, watch and learn about everything that has to do with erotica and that you might not know yet... And if you cannot get enough of it all, you can buy yourself a souvenir in the store downstairs or a piece of art from the Sexy Art Gallery.

Nominated by Timeout Amsterdam

We've been nominated by the Timeout magazine for best of Amsterdam!

Timeout magazine nomination 2010

Amsterdam Small Museum Challenge: A short introduction to our Erotic Museum, in cooperation with Molen Blauw Productions.

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